What documents are needed to get an online loan? | Free first loan

The loan in 15 minutes is the slogan of non-bank financial institutions. The application process itself is indeed very fast, intuitive and usually does not take more than a few minutes, provided that it runs smoothly. If you prepare all possible documents in advance, the loan process will go really fast.

Everything really depends on the companies’ policies, and they use different methods. All the requirements that individual lenders have can be checked in our ranking of the best online loans. However, we present the most common documents that may need to be presented.

ID card

All online loans have one thing in common – they must be fast, which requires that formalities are kept to a minimum. As a result, the most common form of loan is payday loans with proof. The best thing is that you do not need to show this document anywhere or send scans of your ID card (it is even inadvisable and very dangerous!), And only write down the number from it: the document series and your Lany number. Larger loan companies, also conducting educational activities in the field of finance (e.g. Aas) warn that the demand for a scan of evidence should always be suspicious, and if it is necessary to send such a document, blur sensitive data that could be used by the fraudster to take a loan.

Certificate confirming employment

Verifying the customer’s creditworthiness and whether he will be able to repay the loan on time is a regular element of analyzing the loan application. Not all companies will require a document confirming employment, usually a simple declaration of the person applying for a loan, indicating the place of employment or providing the telephone number to the employer will suffice. This information will be checked and should be enough to get a loan.

However, this should not be taken for granted, because in case of doubt from the loan company, it can contact us and ask for specific documents. It is better to have them prepared in advance, preferably in the form of scanned files, to send them to the lender as soon as possible. Loan companies accept all forms of employment.

Retirees and pensioners are not overlooked

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There is no fear that if you receive a regular income, which is your pension, you will not get a loan. The same applies to pensioners. It does not matter whether it is a disability pension granted for an indefinite period or not. The only condition is that the period for which the provisional pension was granted was longer than the assumed loan repayment period. The document, which he may have to confirm.

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